Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Square Deal

The Northwest Arkansas Times editorial today throws another bouquet to Dan Coody for spending our tax dollars on the town square, recalling the staged press conference he held four days before the run-off election to bask in his own glory. "With work finally complete (an unveiling of sorts took place Nov. 21)," the editorial rapsody gushed, "we can officially and proudly say that the Fayetteville Square never looked better than it does right now. New sidewalks, new lighting and new trees create a fresh new look that, by comparison, makes the town square of exactly one year ago look dark, drab, dated and dull."

I have to agree that the million dollar renovation is nice. Does anyone know how much the taxpayers ponied up for that especially nice rock planter on the east side of the square at the entrance to the condo project in the old Bank of America building? It is not shown in this marketing photograph above, so there must be a work order with a signature somewhere that can answer this riddle. Who owns that building, anyway?

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