Monday, December 8, 2008

Extremists and Rabble Set to Occupy City Hall

Dan Coody and his supporters warned us about the unwashed bumpkins, dangerous radicals, carping extremists, and union thugs who were backing Lioneld Jordan for Mayor, and now we see them getting ready to help Jordan take over our city. It is a sad day, and we should have seen it coming. We have only ourselves to blame for this drastic change in city government.

The Fayetteville Flyer reports today that Mayor-elect Jordan has named his Transition Team and announced that it will be led by Don Marr, a former Alderman and owner of HR Factor/ BOSS Association Management Services. Other known extremists in the radical cell include Mary Beth Brooks, president and CEO of the Bank of Fayetteville; former mayoral candidate Walt Eilers of Terrapin Consulting; Suzanne Clark, Kutak Rock; Steve Davis, Davis Business Planning; Cathy Foraker, AT&T; Ernestine Gibson, UA Student Support Services; Michele Halsell, UA Applied Sustainability Center; Rob Leflar, UA School of Law; Eva Madison, Littlier Mendelson; Louise Mann, environmental consultant; Adam Motherwell, UA Fulbright College; and Dede Peters, DDP Gallery.

“These are respected leaders from both the public and private sectors who have my complete confidence and whom I consider to be experts in several key areas, including city management, budget, personnel, grants, environmental concerns, and community service,” Jordan said. Oh, sure, Mr. Jordan. You think we're going to believe that propaganda trying to make these ne'er-do-wells look respectable? We are too smart to be hoodwinked by the likes of you and your fellow travelers.

We also checked the Aubunique blog to find your secret press release. It is really sly to say of this band of blackguards and brigands that you "will welcome their counsel and advice on all aspects of city administration, especially our efforts to control the budget and make city government better and more efficient, to more effectively serve the public, and to develop a comprehensive economic development plan that focuses on helping create good jobs for all our citizens." Dan told us that you would change the direction of city government if elected, and now we see how. You have no intention to Stay_the_Course of No Bid contracts, out of state consultants, tax subsidies for certain developers, budget deficits, or multimillion dollar cost overruns.

“We will keep this transition process transparent, so that you will know the details of our plans in this administration to lead the city for the next four years,” Jordan added. “While meetings of the Transition Team are not official government meetings, we will conduct our business in public and comply fully with the spirit of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.” You shouldn't make it so easy for the Northwest Arkansas Times to expose your nefarious schemes to abolish all of Dan's wonderful parks and trails and replace them with trailer parks and dirt bike trails.

Oh, woe is us.

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