Monday, December 1, 2008

Jay Cole, Jr., and the Anti-Christ

There is no report that Reverend Jay W. Cole, Jr., has raised the Confederate battle flag at his Airplane Hanger Church in the Wildwood to defy the election of Barack Obama. Yet, he affirms his belief that "news and media tell us that many Americans are responding to the new potential tyrant in the spirit of our Founding Fathers and draining the shelves of firearms dealers, while Google reports an exponential increase in searches for the word antichrist"

Drawing on fear and ignorance to support his position, Rev. Cole seems milder than usual in his denunciation of the people and the Democrats in general. "While Barack Obama does share many traits with the coming antichrist described in the Bible, and while those who lived through the Jewish Holocaust are fearfully warning of striking similarities to 1930s Germany, we cannot say with certainty at this point that Obama amounts to anything more than just another leftist puppet who is controlled by the enemies of our Constitution. But," says Cole scraping the moral and linguistic bottom of the barrel, "remember that Nazi Germany also had a financial crisis and wanted a savior as well. Time will tell. If Obama does in fact use his legions to assault Bible-believing churches, I wonder how many modern-day Christians will be willing to stay the course and continue prayer meetings when soldiers, community service youth, federal police and other brainwashed agents march in to give the ultimatum of life or death?

Has Jay W. Cole been studying the fearful form of the Jeremiad against the unwashed with that renowned aristocratic UA poet Michael Heffernan? Beats me, but we do wish that the Northwest Arkansas Times would make an exception for both and allow them to display their vast learning and shriveled humanism more than once a month.

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