Sunday, December 21, 2008

Citizen Quote of the Day

"Fayetteville is a unique and beautiful city, and we are all blessed to live in such a place. This holiday season, I would like to remind everyone in Northwest Arkansas that we should not take living in such a rare place for granted. A large part of what gives our community color are locally owned businesses and our local artists and craftsmen. This holiday season, more than ever, they need your support. Please shop locally owned businesses first when making your gift buying decisions. Don't take for granted that they will always be here. Surviving this economic downturn is especially difficult for small businesses, as the playing field is not tilted in their favor.

"Losing locally owned businesses and artists means less choice for consumers and less personality for our city. I promise you, there will be plenty of big-box stores and national chain restaurants here next year, and they will be exactly like every other one in America. Where we spend our dollars will determine how much 'local flavor' we retain."

Michael Baker, "Shop Locally this Holiday Season," Letter to the Northwest Arkansas Times

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