Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Siloam Springs Settles Strip Search Suit

In the land of the repressed, nothing really surprises us anymore. Siloam Springs banned vibrator sales and strip clubs, and now they are infested with an American Legion chaplain who loves young boys and jailers who may have subjected more than 4,000 people arrested on minor offenses to illegal strip and body cavity searches -- without consent, without a warrant, and in violation of the constitutional right against illegal search.

This week, the city agreed to settle a federal lawsuit challenging the jailhouse indignities. They admitted no wrongdoing, of course, but readily agreed to pay $1.85 million to the plaintiffs in the class action against Police Chief Joe Garrett and former Chief Jerry Toler. That's about all we know. Chief Garrett did not return a phone message from The Morning News this afternoon. Siloam Springs city officials refused to answer how many arrests city police make. All questions were referred to City Attorney Tom Kieklak, who was unable to provide answers.

So, feel free to make up any explanation you can imagine.

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