Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wishing to Be the Star

The best information on the local Mayor's race is still to be found on the Fayetteville Flyer in the Mayoral Candidate Zone. There you will find links to all of the candidates' websites and their unedited answers to questionnaires that give you some insight to their personalities and positions.

Another interesting piece compiled by D. R. Bartlette appeared this week in the Fayetteville Free Weekly. The candidates tell us what they would wish if given "Three Wishes for Fayetteville." Again, it is in their own words and is quite revealing about both their core priorities and their sense of themselves.

That's about it around here for balanced views of the candidates and their positions. We here at The Iconoclast are far too cynical to take things politicians say at face value, and the Northwest Arkansas Times is so far up Dan Coody's butt that it should be listed as an in-kind contribution to his campaign. The Morning News and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette might get around to some short and bland summary coverage later, but they've shown little interest in the race so far.

Fayettopians are usually pretty good at wading through campaigns and figuring things out for themselves. And they usually get it right.

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