Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let's Name Names

There is a good article by Scott Davis in today's paper about the opening of Scull Creek Trail. In it, he quotes Mayor Dan Coody reflecting on that long-ago time in 1991 when he invented the idea of a city bike trail. According to Coody's account, the mayor, the city manager, and the other city board members "laughed (and said ) only kids ride bikes."

Can anyone name the short-sighted mayor, city manager, and aldermen who were serving in 1991? We would like to list them here, along with home phone numbers, to remind them of their lack of vision for laughing at trails.

Dr. Fred Vorsanger (443-4393) was the Mayor who laughed at trails. Fayetteville had just been ranked the seventh-best city in the country to live by Money magazine, even without trails, and Mayor Vorsanger said he believed that next year's ranking would be higher with the opening of the Walton Arts Center and the planned expansion of the city's parks.

Scott Linebaugh was the City Manager who laughed at trails. He also held a press conference to announce that he passed a drug test to dispel "rumors" after laughing City Director Julie Nash made insinuations to an investigator.

Ann Henry (442-8826) was a member of the City Board of Directors who laughed at trails.

Dan, you go next. It is time to out the Trail Laughers of 1991 who stood in your way and held us back for 17 years.

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