Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poor Parking at the Polling Places

A few months ago, the Washington County Election Commission voted 2-1 in favor of having an early voting location at the student union on the University of Arkansas campus. That failed, because the vote had to be unanimous, and the Republican member voted against it. Republicans have good political reasons for not wanting UA students to vote and for trying to suppress those eager young voters who are not enthusiastic about John McCain and John Boozman. The excuse they gave, we have been told, is that many voters would not find the adjacent parking deck convenient.

Yesterday, on the first day of early voting, County Judge Jerry Hunton closed the parking deck at the Washington County Courthouse. After years of neglect, the deck is crumbling and has become a public safety hazard. We doubt that Hunton intended to suppress early voting, but he has been too busy with other concerns to attend to the deck. Hunton should have been doing his job instead of involving himself in local politics and approving no-bid road contracts for a summer camp in Benton County.

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