Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Political Paranoia

Sometimes it seems that there is nothing a mayor might not do to mess with an alderman, and most often it is laughable. On Sunday, Tontitown Mayor Joe Edgmon filed a harassment complaint with the Washington County Sheriff's Office against Tontitown Alderman Henry Piazza.

Alderman Piazza pulled alongside Edgmon on Henri De Tonti Boulevard and motioned for the mayor to pull over so he could ask Edgmon about certificates of appreciation for a celebration event that was going to be held that afternoon in City Park. Edgmon told officers that Piazza was "hateful" and called him names. Imagine that.

Piazza, 71, is seeking re-election to the Tontitown City Council. He told officers the mayor would not return numerous phone calls from him for two days, and he was just trying to make sure everything was in order for the event.

WCSO Sargent Oscar Henson said the incident was investigated and that no charges are going to be filed. "He was trying to stop the mayor and make sure things were in order. The intent to harass was not there."

It has been a tough time in Tontitown. Mayor Edgmon recently vetoed a resolution that displeased the corporate interests, after he had already signed it. And last year the City Council passed a resolution of no confidence in the Mayor. It seems that all mayors get paranoid, deeply resent any criticism, and do irrational things that embarrass themselves and their cities. Elections are the best cure for such dysfunctional behavior.

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