Friday, October 17, 2008

Springdale Smackdown

The Springdale Cowbirds sponsored another mayoral debate in a church to decide which of the six aspirants would get their blessing and be anointed to rule over their shell of a city with dwindling revenues. It was even worse than the first debate before the Republican Women. According to The Morning News, "Allegations of status quo politicians, bickering aldermen, bankruptcy filings and tax liens sharpened exchanges at the local version of the McCain-Obama debate . . . ."

Former Alderman Stagecoach Ray Dotson accused Alderman Mike Overton of being a known bankrupt. Overton admitted as much but charged that Dotson had been slapped with a tax lien, which trumped bankruptcy. Ken Watson declared the obvious, that "With all the bickering and fighting on the council, nothing gets done." Nancy Deason Jenkins said all of her leaprous opponents "are part of the status quo. They have to go." Philistines Jim Reed and Doug Sprouse said they would lay off city employees, if they had to choose between layoffs or building an additional interchange on I-540.

Then it went down hill from there.

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