Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boozman's Approval Ratings Slumping

The question on The Arkansas Poll released today was, "Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Boozman is handling his job as U.S. Representative?" The results of the Public Love Meter revealed that 52% of 3rd District respondents approved and 17% disapproved. That was considerably lower than Governor Mike Beebe's 73% approval with only nine percent disapproving in this district. Yet, Boozman was rated higher than his friend and leader, George Bush, who had a 27% approval rating and a 66% disapproval in this corner of the state.

Governor Mike Beebe approval rating: 74%
• Congressman Ross approval rating: 62%
• Congressman Snyder approval rating: 57%
• Senator Pryor approval rating: 56%
• Senator Lincoln approval rating: 54%
Congressman John Boozman approval rating: 52%
• Congressman Berry approval rating: 50%
President George Bush approval rating: 27%

Boozman might think that Northwest Arkansas is different, with party affiliation reported at 30% R, 30% D, 32% Independent, and 6% other. But Arkansas folks in the poll want most U.S. troops out of Iraq (56%), and by 64%-27% they believe that national leaders should be willing to meet and negotiate even with nations considered our enemies. Only 26% favor deporting all illegal immigrants, while 56% support a path to citizenship. They reject by 58% to 38% the ban on unmarried couples adopting or being foster parents proposed by the Arkansas Family Council, on whose board Vickie Boozman served. The lottery amendment is favored by 65% to 33%. The falling economy (56%), health care (15%), and education (10%) were the top three issues, and none of the right-wing wedge issues like abortion and gun control ranked high enough to notice.

Pryor and Boozman will both get a higher percentage of the vote than their approval ratings and more than they deserve, but the Green Party candidates Kennedy and Tomlinson could get more than 30% in those races.

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