Sunday, October 26, 2008

Educate Thyself, Slacker

Props to the Northwest Arkansas Times for printing capsule bios and short statements on priorities from all the local candidates today. It should prove helpful to anyone who has been paying attention to everyday life instead of these campaigns for down ballot races. Check out their informative snapshots of candidates for County Judge, Quorum Court District 5, State Representative District 89, Fayetteville Mayor, Fayetteville City Council from Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 4. You'll find similar summaries on all contested local races.

The Fayetteville Free Weekly also has a feature on the candidates for Fayetteville Mayor. Even better, the outstanding Fayetteville Flyer has three pieces on each aspirant in their "Mayoral Candidate Zone," links to websites for all six candidates, and a comment feature for citizen-readers to share their opinions.

You will be responsible for choosing which candidate to support, but, if you screw up, it won't be because you didn't have enough information about them. You'll have to bear the responsibility for your own poor judgment or for not taking the time to be well informed.

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