Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Edwards and Clark Win the Daily Double

Marilyn Edwards, candidate for Washington County Judge, and Candy Clark, candidate for Quorum Court (JP5) picked up two key endorsements today.

The Morning News editorial mentioned Marilyn's extensive experience in county government and as a state legislator, both of which give her knowledge and connections that will serve us well. On the differences between the candidates, the editorial hit on a key point: "We consider zoning and land use planning critical to a growing Washington County’s future and see Edwards as more likely to champion such controls."

Candy Clark, JP Candidate for District 5 covering south Fayetteville, got the editorial endorsement as well. "Clark, who favors the county’s downtown Fayetteville land acquisition and remodeling plans, is a former animal shelter director who wants to pursue animal services at the county level from a public health perspective. She is also an advocate for county zoning," it was noted with approbation.

Edwards and Clark also picked up the endorsement of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Local 965, whose members are faculty and staff employees at the University of Arkansas. The union said that both Edwards and Clark "share their commitment to protecting the rights of public employees, supporting a living wage for working families, expanding public transportation, promoting affordable housing for low and middle income families, and seeking to make the system of taxation more equitable."

Those endorsements appear to be founded on good reasons that will carry some weight with thoughtful citizens. The opponents who did not get the endorsements can be expected to complain that some deal must have been made, might launch an attack on the motives of the newspaper or the union, or will say that the endorsements are meaningless. We disagree.

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