Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democrat-Gazette Endorses Lioneld Jordan

The two major newspapers in Northwest Arkansas have now made their endorsements for Mayor of Fayetteville, and neither one picked Dan Coody. The Morning News endorsed Steve Clark, and now the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has endorsed Lioneld Jordan.

"LIONELD JORDAN has a reputation for working hard. He’s the city alderman in Fayetteville who’s never missed a city council meeting in his nearly eight years in office. Alderman Jordan has brought the same dedication to the monthly meetings he’s held in his ward," said the editorial. "He’s also known for his thorough knowledge of city government, for his ability to understand complicated city business, and his just plain love of his hometown."

"As an alderman, Lioneld Jordan hasn’t always been right. But he’s consistenly shown a willingness to dig into issues and take every side into account. As his supporters have noticed, when he disagrees with anybody, he tells them why. And his explanations tend to be well thought-out" unlike the current mayor they could have added. ...[Lioneld Jordan] does his homework. And he’s served as vice mayor, which would be good experience for the top job."

Like the Morning News, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette offered a mixed assessment of Coody's administration. "The wastewater project, the downtown hole in the ground, the cancelling of issue forums... he must take responsibility for all of them along with the city’s accomplishments during his tenure." Hard to deny, but you know he has and will.

Adam Fire Cat, Dan Coody, Sami Sutton, and Walt Eilers have yet to be endorsed by any newspaper or any professional or civic organizations. Coody is smugly confident that he will get the Northwest Arkansas Times endorsement, for what that's worth these days.

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