Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marilyn Edwards for County Judge

This is an easy call. Marilyn Edwards is far and away the best choice for Washington County Judge. She served from 1977-2002 as Washington County Clerk and has an extensive background in county government. From 2003-2008, Marilyn has represented Fayetteville's District 88 in the Arkansas House of Representatives, serving on the Public Transportation Committee and the Committee on City, County, and Local Affairs during her first term and now serving as a member of the legislative Council, the Joint Committe on Energy, the Committee on State Agencies and Public Affairs, and the Committee on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor. This expansive and relevant experience will serve her and us well.

Marilyn's opponent, Earvel Fraley of an unincorporated area near Greenland, owned E & E Truck Parts in Springdale for years and was a Washington County Justice of the Peace for District 12 from 1999-2004. Judging by his positions on public policies and current issues, we can be glad that he served only six years. Fraley is a "private property advocate" and opposes all county zoning. He has trotted out the old familiar shibboleth about how he will run gubmint like a bidness. You know the type.

Marilyn Edwards is much more reasonable and progressive in her recognition of the need for county zoning. She also knows that government operations differ from private business by demanding greater transparency, requiring collaborative decision processes, and having an obligation to serve people instead of making profits. "I am in favor of balancing budgets," she hastened to add.

These are big differences that could make a big difference in the future of the county and the region. Give it some though, then vote for Marilyn Edwards for County Judge.

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