Thursday, August 23, 2007

Road Impact Fees Back on the Table

Fayetteville Ward Four Alderman Lioneld Jordan promised he would revisit the road impact fee issue after an April election ended in a tie vote. Tonight he began that process by successfully sponsoring a Resolution putting the City Council on record behind that effort to require developers to pay their fair share of the costs of handling the transportation problems they are creating.

The Resolution passed the Council on a 6-1 vote. Ward Three Alderman Bobby Ferrell voted against it, and Ward Four Alderman Shirley Lucas was absent. During the next few weeks, the Aldermen and city staff will solicit and consider public comment on such issues as a progressive fee structure based on the size of the structure, possible incentive discounts for LEED Certified buildings, consideration of variation by zones, etc., then a draft ordinance will come back to the Council.

Alderman Jordan argued that the Council was elected to make decisions and eventually should act on the ordinance, voting it up or down. Mayor Dan Coody expressed his position that there should be another expensive special election and an opportunity for the Free Lunch Club opposed to impact fees to run another expensive media advertising campaign again outspending by 50-1 the citizens supporting the fees. That issue will be resolved later, after a majority of the Council agrees on a new ordinance.

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