Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jesse Core Continues the Fight

Springdale Alderman Jesse Core led the fight for a comprehensive sign ordinance to battle the clutter, but he met resistance from business interests and their hirelings on the City Council. Undaunted, he is now taking on the appearance of businesses along the city's uncontrolled commercial corridors.

Even Chamber apologist Richard Massey admits that Thompson and Sunset "embody Springdale’s image as the most unpolished of the four major cities in Northwest Arkansas." Core, a first-term alderman with good ideas and fire in the belly, wants an ordinance that would force startup businesses in existing buildings to improve their exteriors and parking lots before they open. The business interests are already lining up against him, with Alderman Bobby Stout fronting for the Chamber and labeling the measure "controversial."

In Springdale, any sensible public policy that hampers making quick money is "controversial." Good luck, Alderman Core. You will be a prophet without honor in your hometown Chamber, but your wisdom will be recognized by the people. Josh Jenkins has your back, and there are others with you on this.

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