Monday, August 27, 2007

Quote of the Day

"More to the point, a full-time legislature could be more trouble than it’s really worth. Sure, legislators might debate their way out of some problems — but all that time extra time spent in the company of lobbyists could, among other things, leave Arkansas stuck with a mess of bad legislation. Besides, are residents desperate to create people who make laws as a full-time job? We hope not.

"We indeed sympathize with the low compensation for lawmakers, but it’s not entirely attractive to propose pay scales that provide full compensation. One of the strengths of our state Legislature has been that the people serving have other full-time jobs back in their home communities, ones that help keep them based in the same reality their constituents live every day. Go with high pay and full-time status and you get Congress. Anyone care for how those folks are doing their jobs?"

--Editorial, "Our System Works: Full-time Legislature Unnecessary," Northwest Arkansas Times

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