Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fayetteville's Million Dollar Misunderstanding

Sales tax collections in Fayetteville are down again, for the sixth consecutive month, putting the city $1.1 million below the projections of Paul Becker, Mayor Coody's trusted finance director. Based on the assumptions provided by the administration, the City Council took their word and approved a budget that has now gone seriously into the red.

Mayor Coody told the City Council this evening, "I think this is just a dip." Yes, Dan, people might say the same thing about a mayor who so significantly misjudged the revenues and ran up a record deficit.

Coody and Becker said the city will not reduce its deficit spending this year to adjust to the diminished revenues. Like someone in denial about their gambling addiction, Coody said with a straight face, "September is going to be a big month for us." Roll the dice, Dan, baby needs a new pair of shoes. And Fayetteville needs someone who will make hard decisions and govern responsibly.

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