Friday, August 24, 2007

Aspen Swamp Another Developers Disaster

There’s a big gap between image and reality, between developers’ hype and what your lying eyes see when you visit the “luxury townhomes” in Aspen Ridge, “a new community located at the corner of 6th St. & Hill Ave. on approximately 28 acres.”

Earlier today, citizens from the Town Branch Neighborhood Association met with City Engineer Ron Petrie, developer Hank Broyles, and Ward One Aldermen Adella Gray and Brenda Thiel. They got an eye full and an ear full about the failed project. They looked in vain for the advertised “bike and walking trails” and the “nature preserve with beautiful lakes.”

Aubrey Shepherd
documented this morning's meeting for the city officials. If they approve an extension of time for this failed project without addressing the serious environmental damage done by the developers of the practically abandoned wasteland, then they’ll approve anything, and you’ll likely end up paying for their foolishness.

But maybe not. The residents south of 6th Street don't have the same political clout or get the same attention as those who live on Boardwalk Lake. They've been ignored for years. One difference this time is that video exists of Mayor Coody giving a speech telling everyone what a wonderful project the developers had wrought. If the city approves extension of the project without major repairs and holding the developers to account, clips of this speech and scenes of the ecological devastation would make an excellent political commercial.

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