Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Wrath of Grapes

Joe Edgmon was elected Mayor of Tontitown by a 21-vote margin last year. "I think people basically wanted a change of course," he said in claiming victory and expressing confidence because so many of his friends had been elected to the city council. "It's going to take a lot of public forums to bring people together to see what they want to do with this town."

In less than a year, Mayor Edgmen has found a way to unite the city council in common purpose. Last night the Tontitown City Council adopted an ordinance defining nonfeasance in office and providing a means to remove elected public officials who weren't doing their job,and they adopted a motion of "No Confidence" in the mayor. The vote on both issues was 5-1.

“It should send you a message,” Alderman Becky Alston told Edgmon. “If you can’t do the job, and you’re not willing to change, I think, for the sake of the city, you do need to strongly consider stepping aside. . . . I am positive that I have no confidence in you to lead this city.”

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