Saturday, November 24, 2007

Multi-Media Personality

The mainstream media hardly pretend to be much more than advertising and cheap entertainment, so it is good to see a local radio station out on the cutting edge of unreality radio. Former Centerton Mayor Ken Williams, who resigned earlier this week after confessing he was really a brainwashed preacher named Don LaRose, yesterday was back on air at KURM-AM 790 where he’d worked as a popular on-air personality for 17 years.

On KURM, Williams recounted his story about being kidnapped by devil worshipers, having his memory erased like a jump drive, waking up in a boxcar in Minneapolis, spending time in a mental institution, chemical hypnosis, phones being tapped, riding a bicycle from Indiana to Iowa, and leaving behind a wife and two children — preparing him well to be an on-air media personality and mayor of a town in Benton County.

After the one-hour broadcast interview by Kermit Womack, whose son is also a former on-air radio personality and mayor of a town in Benton County, Womack said, “Ken worked at KURM for 17 years, and he’s one of the most professional people we’ve ever had here.” That is probably true. Womack implied that he’d welcome the former Centerton mayor back on the air without hesitation and said a typical listener called the station to suggest that LaRose-Williams run for mayor again.

That's about par for the mainstream media in Benton County -- and elsewhere.

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