Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Candidate Wants to Be Mayor

Republican businessman Jeff Koenig, a native of Denver who recently moved to Fayetteville from Goshen, made his announcement as a candidate for Mayor of Fayetteville yesterday. He also made the news yesterday by signing a letter to the school board asking them to sell the current high school campus and build a new high school somewhere else.

Koenig's past political experience includes one term on the school board and financial contributions to several Republican candidates and the Republican Party. He was also active in the campaign this year to defeat the proposed road impact fees that would have required developers to pay their fair share for dealing with congestion caused by their real estate ventures.

Civic involvement by Koenig includes being instrumental in moving the Boys & Girls Club out of central Fayetteville to the Rupple Road location, and he is a member of the Northwest Arkansas Council that spearheaded the creation of XNA airport and the loss of passenger service at Fayetteville's Drake Field.

Mr. Koenig has been Chairman of the Fayetteville Chamber of Cowbirds. Chamber President Bill Ramsey said that his group can’t make an official endorsement without giving up its tax-exempt status, but the Northwest Arkansas Times said, "it was evident by the more than 100 bankers, developers, real estate agents and other businessmen gathered for the announcement where much of Koenig’s support will come from." It looked like the old Fred Hanna crowd, including Alderman Bobby Ferrell.

No one doubts that the campaign will have plenty of money to buy massive media advertising. Local editorial writers for newspapers that hold membership in the Chamber and the Economic Development Council should be ready to endorse.

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