Monday, November 26, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Any cutback on information now available should be considered unacceptable. Fayetteville has a reputation for being especially willing to debate local issues. The attitude is so commonplace that it’s become common knowledge that nothing gets done in Fayetteville without a furious argument beforehand. Which speaks well of its citizens’ interest in their town. Now somebody is proposing a change in the way information about city government is made available. Cost-cutting or no cost-cutting, this is no way to proceed in Fayetteville, where opinions may outnumber the population.

"In response to the proposal from city hall, the cable station is doing what it does best. It’s taking the discussion to the public. A forum has been scheduled for next week, and the debate should be enlightening. For a city that prides itself on staying informed about itself, the forum will be another opportunity for citizens to remind their government that things work best when the public is kept in the loop.

"The government channel serves an important role in the democratic process in Fayetteville. Anything with the potential to diminish its independence or reduce the information that the channel provides deserves all the skepticism this latest proposal has inspired."

-- Editorial, "Here We Go Again," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette NW

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