Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I understand the methods of Arkansas’ good ole boys. …It’s not difficult for them to exchange favors and take full advantage of their privileged status. Chances are you, too, have observed the good-ole-boy networks in action. These clubs cluster around the magnets of political power and lucre.

"I also believe that while we may call ourselves a democratic republic of free and equal people, those are noble-sounding phrases rather than the realities of day-to-day life for many. The phrase “doing the right thing” becomes but a dream for the masses when this noble principle is crushed for the benefit and protection of a clustered few. …

"I’m convinced that these pockets of undue control are a fundamental reason why our state remains near the bottom of most national categories. The rich do get richer, the middle class stays afloat and the indigent of virtually every community remain impoverished. …It’s little wonder that the ordinary people who must live or work under the control of such networks fear the power that they wield over their lives. Those excluded can come to feel that change for the better is hopeless. …

"Naturally, they sometimes turn to their last possible hope, the media. Today, however, many in the media lack the inclination to shine a revealing light into the darkness. …Any hope for evolution toward higher functioning in our mutual dealings lies in the heart, conscience and strength of character of those who are gears inside the machines. They alone must realize how crucial it is to have honorable systems that function fairly in which political decisions are made for the obviously right reasons rather than with personal gain or political favoritism in mind."

--Mike Masterson, "Cronyism Hard to Defeat," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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