Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Own Little Joe Lieberman

The headline in today’s Northwest Edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette said, “No opponent in sight for Pryor Senate seat; Republican leaders see little to criticize.” Neither State Republican Party Chairman Dennis Milligan nor Republican Congressman John Boozman could think of any example to offer of a criticism of Mark Pryor that Republicans could use in a race next year.

“My take is they don’t have anyone outside of the Benton County area willing to take on an incumbent United States senator with a record they can’t find fault with,” said Bill Gwatney, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas. “What issue would they run on?” Good point. Pryor has given unflinching support for George Bush’s senseless war in Iraq. He has voted to confirm his right wing judges and Supreme Court Justices. He backs the Bush administration position on torture. This way, they get a consistent Republican vote every time without having to run a campaign.

While the Republicans love Mark Pryor, he should not have been surprised to hear criticism from Democrats – even in Benton County – where he was keynote speaker at a chili supper attended by about 70 Democrats in Rogers yesterday. Pryor lamely advocated doing whatever Bush wanted to do in Iraq, but the Real Democrats were not buying it.

Roger Joslin of Bentonville told Pryor, "With all due respect, I think you're too much caught up in it. We need to get out today." The mother of a wounded veteran in the group said her son has suffered permanent physical and psychological disabilities, plus a divorce, from wounds that finally ended extended and repeated deployments to Iraq. "Bring our boys home and take care of our country," she pleaded.

My prediction: Pryor will be reelected with solid Republican support, but Rebekah Kennedy will get more than 100,000 votes.

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