Friday, November 23, 2007

Siloam Springs Unfriendly to Business

Two weeks ago the Siloam Springs Planning Commission approved an ordinance to restrict certain retail shops and new businesses to one acre of industrial land and to keep them 1,000 feet away from churches, homes, parks, schools and other areas frequented by children. Businesses covered by the ordinance include strip clubs, nude model studios, adult theaters and arcades, and massage clinics that offer “adult services.” A special use permit would be required before such a shop could open.

The City Council will vote on the ordinance on December 4, but several local Siloam Springs residents oppose the ordinance because it isn’t restrictive enough. They don't care about economic development or free enterprise; they want the businesses banned completely. They might also like to see an ordinance that bans sex and self-abuse within the city limits, but this would be a good first step.

This is good news for the Fayetteville Chamber of Cowbirds, because they can now quit whining that Fayetteville has the most "unfriendly" attitude toward business and economic development. We already have a Hooters.

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