Friday, November 2, 2007

The Truth Is Out There

Two men wearing FBI windbreakers arrived last week at Gentry City Hall looking to serve a subpoena on Bev Saunders, who works at the Gentry Chamber of Commerce and is also manager of Poultry Partners.

The subpoena finally served by Tulsa Police Department Major Rod Hummel was related to the federal lawsuit against eight poultry companies with operations in Arkansas that are accused of polluting the Illinois River watershed. Saunders said the FBI jackets were a “bullying tactic” to convince her that the men were federal agents, as if anyone thinks federal agents are bunch of bullies who would try to intimidate people.

Maybe they were just in Halloween costumes like the G.I. Joe Camo guy at the Sam’s Club Headquarters who put the Bentonville Police on alert this week? Maybe they were surplus local cops assigned to the 287g program to seek out undocumented workers at Poultry Partners? Maybe they were investigating why the Chamber of Commerce gets to have its office in the Gentry City Hall?

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