Thursday, November 29, 2007

Irony Is a Dog that Will Bite You

You'll remember the stunt that Dan Coody pulled earlier this month to make it appear that he had a great appreciation for city employees. That was about the same time that his trusted administrators were unveiling his budget recommending abolishing positions and cutting out funds for Christmas bonuses and the annual employee recognition event. That was pretty rude.

You'll also recall that last spring Coody led the purge of the Planning Commission and vetoed the reappointment of Commissioner Candy Clark, who was known for asking tough questions of developers. Coody whispered that Clark had been disrespectful toward his staff, but he produced no evidence of that. The developers were pleased.

Last night, Alderman Nancy Allen announced that Candy Clark had donated $1,100 to cover the cost of the staff appreciation and recognition ceremony that was axed in Coody's budget. There was no mention of any contributions by Dan Coody or from Bobby Ferrell, Robert Rhodes, or Adella Grey, who voted against Clark's reappointment last March.

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