Friday, September 14, 2007

Stop It, Bill, You're Embarrassing Your Board

I should not have been surprised to read that Chamber of Commerce CEO Bill Ramsey is still trying to peddle the city's sign ordinance as the bane of business. I doubt that he's embarrassed himself or is capable of doing so, but I imagine that his board must be somewhat uneasy with his tiring string of nonsense and untruths.

It's Cracker Barrel all over again, and we are like the characters trapped in time in the movie Groundhog Day having to listen to Bill Ramsey play Ned Reyerson. Fuddruckers, one of the numerous chain restaurants that made the choice to open in north mallville, is closing up shop. The owner said it was because Steele Crossing and the surrounding area have been overbuilt with restaurants. Not willing to take the owner's word for it, Bill Ramsey replayed his constant complaint, saying it was all the fault of the Fayetteville sign ordinance that makes the city "unfriendly" to business. Oh, and he added, because taxpayers haven't yet built new easy access roads to subsidize the businesses that chose to build in those inaccessible sprawlville locations.

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