Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Wow, $450,000 annually for an athletic director. Once again the University of Arkansas has publicly and emphatically acknowledged that academics will continue to be secondary to athletics. Wonder if we could create and raise funds for an academic foundation, which would provide a resource to supplement faculty salaries. Wonder if we will ever see a newspaper story headlined, 'Faculty salaries at U of A rank at the top in the SEC.' Wonder if we will ever see over 70,000 people at graduation exercises. Wonder who will enjoy the greater quality of life: a Heisman Trophy winner or a magna cum laude graduate. Wonder why fewer and fewer college students are choosing an education curriculum to prepare them to teach our children and grandchildren. Wonder if we will ever be able to buy UA-sponsored apparel that has a recognizable symbol for academic excellence. Wonder why the only academic All-Americans are sports figures. It’s really no wonder."

--Neal Little, Letter to the Editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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