Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quiet Quote of the Day

"Fayetteville has invited 200,000 bikers to town, but will issue tickets to those who are loud. The Quiet Police will be patrolling the vast horde of Hell’s Angels, issuing no-no’s to bikers they deem too loud. Any engines that are revved up or backfire will be jailed.

"In the spirit of quietness, ZZ Top will not be allowed to use electric guitars. They will sing acapella in barbershop quartet style. The Quiet Police will issue warnings to those who laugh too loudly or guffaw in public. Loud laughter or guffawing will be restricted to the Randal Tyson Indoor Track area. On Dickson Street, between Collier Drug and Underwood’s, people will be required to tip-toe and whisper. Shhhhh."

--Grady Jim Robinson, "I Admit It," Northwest Arkansas Times

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