Monday, June 30, 2008

Ray Dotson: Bowling for Bidness

Ray Dotson, a stagecoach scammer and former alderman, yesterday became the seventh candidate to toss his hat in the ring for mayor of Springdale. He announced his candidacy in an area sometimes referred to as downtown Springdale to a huge crowd that some estimated at more than 30 supporters, if you counted family members.

Stagecoach Ray proclaimed, "I'll be a mayor of pro-business." He says he will do everything possible to bring business back to the area to compete with local merchants and to keep businesses here. We know he will give it his all, like he did to screw Lowell for storage of their stagecoach, but just what does it mean to "be a mayor of pro-business?"

Springdale already gives over $150,000 to the Springdale Cowbirds to run their flagging economic development efforts. Does it mean Ray would try to open up the streets for more and bigger billboards? Would he just take more tax dollars and give another $50,000 to the Chamber? And what can a mayor really do to "bring business back" to Springdale?
Ray is going to need a new schtick. Actually, Ray needs to forget about running for mayor, because not even Springdale would elect him.

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