Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poll: Can Coody Tell the Truth?

This is not about the mayor's race. This is about whether Dan Coody can tell the truth or give anyone a straight answer to a simple question. I'm afraid we all know the answer, and we don't have to conduct a poll to know the answer. The margin of error is plus or minus 100% on anything he says.

The latest example is the news that he has hired a polling firm to conduct a poll. When asked about it, he squirmed around and admitted to a reporter that he conducted the poll. First he said,
“I just wanted to see what my numbers were like and I was very gratified with the results.” Then he said, he received the survey results just as he was leaving for some conference in Florida and has not had time to study them.

Coody said he paid for the paid for the poll
to get an assessment of the mayor’s race because Fayetteville is recognized as a national leader in the environmental movement. Strange, then, that the poll didn't ask a single question about the environment or the city's perceived leadership in the environmental movement. Whatever that means.

Then, Coody also claimed it was important to him to know "
if my progress is going to be sustained." You know, things like will the next mayor have the courage and good sense to call a press conference on the steps of city hall and tell everyone to stop drinking bottled water? There were no questions about the poor judgment of jumping on a big jet and burning thousands of gallons of fuel to attend a conference where people talk about global warming. No questions on the poll about such things as the $63 million sewer debacle that came in three years late, the one he tried to tell us was on time and under budget.

No, the only questions on the poll were about how well Dan Coody would do in an election for mayor.

Last October, Coody announced and flooded the Government Channel with his announcement that he would not run for reelection. Now he's not so sure. He would miss that salary and the chance for those big retirement benefits the city taxpayers would pay him if he could get elected to another term.

Dan Coody should put an end to this constant prevarication. He should go with dignity and let people remember the good things he did.

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