Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anyone Apprised About Appraisals?

Late last year, the Mayor and City Council wrangled about what to do with Fayetteville's unneeded and unused real estate investment known as the former Mexican Original plant on Huntsville Road. It was finally decided to get one or more appraisals then decide what to do. Well, that was more than six months ago, and we haven't heard squat from City Hall since then.

How long does it take to get an appraisal these days? What was the appraised value? What is the best use for that property? Who is supposed to be getting those appraisals? When will you let the public know how much the property is worth? Is this another one of those deals where staff have not followed through? Is it a deliberate stall to prevent any action on the property? What the hell is going on? Who is in charge? Who will get the blame for the hiccup this time?

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