Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lawn Order: All New Episodes

There are 400,000 stories in Northwest Arkansas. Here are seven of them. And these are just the ones who got caught and the dastardly deeds that so disturbed the peace and dignity of our communities that vigilant citizens felt compelled to raise a hue and cry.

I regret to, but must, admit that Benton County has the best ones this week, but I am confident that Washington County will regain the crown when the more creative class of students return in September to make life more amusing.

Washington County

Assefa Gabriel Egziabher Jr., 31, was charged with residential burglary and third-degree battery, accused of breaking into a house and hitting his mother, causing pain and bruising.

Jennifer Brooke Boyd, 25, was charged with second degree forgery, accused of cashing a forged check to bond her boyfriend out of jail.

Benton County

At 12: 39 a. m. Monday, a caller on Melbourn Drive in Bella Vista reported two or three kids squirted ketchup on her house.

At 1: 16 a. m. Monday, a caller on Hayle Lane in Bella Vista reported someone knocked on her door, ran away, and ran over her newspaper.

At 9: 25 a. m. Monday, David Murray, 14275 Arrowhead Lane in Garfield reported someone was stealing his newspaper.

At 12: 19 p. m. Monday, a caller on Wilber Lane in Bella Vista reported someone stole Freon from her air conditioner.

At 4: 40 p. m. Monday, Karen Conduff reported someone used a counterfeit $200 bill at Lucky C Mart, 2401 W. Olive Street in Rogers.

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