Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Double Bonus for Benton County Citizens

Fayetteville officials might spend less time trying to curtail balanced public discussion about important issues on the Government Channel and a bit more time thinking about what might make life more pleasant or productive for average citizens in the community. Not everything has to be about Dan Coody trying to control communication or claim credit.

Rogers citizens will get free access to wireless internet this week in a three-block downtown area from Centennial Park to Frisco Park, says
Rufus Ramey, the director of information technology for the city, accommodating about 30 users at any one time using basic network functions such as checking e-mail, following eBay auctions and reading news. The network access will be provided by Main Street Rogers and AT&T, which awarded a $1,000 grant to cover service for more than a year. Bentonville has had free Wi-Fi available on the downtown square since last year.

The Bentonville Farmers' Market on the downtown square also announced some good news. It is joining numerous markets across the state that participate in the Women, Infants, and Children Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Vouchers are provided by the Arkansas Department of Health
to provide fresh, nutritious, unprepared fruits and vegetables from farmers markets to women and children who are nutritionally at risk, and to expand the awareness and use of farmers markets. Rogers and Siloam Springs farmers' markets already participate in the program. Brenda Compton of Downtown Bentonville Inc., also said patrons may now purchase farm-fresh eggs at the farmers' market.

Two thumbs up for good ideas and the effort to make them work.

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