Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy Bards of the Blogging Brigade

In a community with less than adequate newspaper editorials and embarrassingly poor television news, it is no surprise that engaged citizen bloggers have some of the best commentary and news of current events in our little media market. This week has been no exception. Here's a quick look at some of what's going on with our friends and neighbors here in the Athens of the Ozark Blogosphere.

The always clever
Fayetteville Flyer has an update on the languishing East Square Mudhole and the flight of the crane that has been the icon for downtown developers. There is also news of a forthcoming book by Anthony J. Wappel, Once upon Dickson: An Illustrated History, 1869-2000, a neighborhood narrative with 370 historic photographs.

Aubrey Shepherd's Aubunique has a poignant essay on the meaning of neighborhood to residents in the Town Branch area of South Fayetteville. Continuing the theme, Val's Bien has some praise for the new Neighborhood Market and the design improvements of the Forest Hills PZD in West Fayetteville.

Valerie Biendara also looks at the
awkward ménage-à-trois involving the City Administration, Marvin Hilton, and the Telecommunications Board, a topic also addressed by Telecom Board Chairman Richard Drake in his Street Jazz blog.

Politicians are topics as always, and Drake also offers an
insightful assessment of Ward Two's outstanding Alderman Nancy Allen. Former Fayetteville Bad Boy Bill Clinton gets mentioned today in the University Union Voice for canceling his commencement address at UCLA, choosing not to cross a picket line of staff employees facing a recalcitrant university administration with values and priorities that sound like they came from departing UA Chancellor John White.

Thanks to them all for making life interesting hereabouts.

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