Friday, June 6, 2008

Lowballing the Bulldogs

The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees made their move today and revealed their idea of what paying a "premium" price for Fayetteville High School would be -- they will bid $50 million, which is $12 million less than the school district's appraisal. They would get the money by jacking up student tuition disguised as fees by $10 per credit hour, or $1,240 per student for the next 30 years and by issuing more bonds added to the institution's tremendous debt amassed in the last ten years.

The question now is whether Bobby New will fall for this lowball offer, or whether the Fayetteville School Board will realize that it makes more sense to rebuild on the current campus. The real question for the future is whether they have enough street cred to ever pass a millage, a very doubtful proposition with this group and in these times.

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