Saturday, February 9, 2008

Womack Dumps the Welcome Wagon

Rogers Mayor Steve Womack pulled the plug on the Rogers Community Support Center, a division of the city that focused on reaching out to new residents, helping them acclimate to the Rogers community, and providing resources such as English as a Second Language programs. The CSC Board complied and voted 4-1 to abolish itself. Womack said it was time for someone else to continue the work if they wanted to keep it going.

The good news is that the Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce will step up to continue the programs. President
Raymond Burns said that his group believed it was essential for the community to continue providing the bilingual booklet “Friendly Facts for Living in the Rogers Area” and the annual Rogers International Festival that celebrates diversity and ethnic heritage. Vilma Dominguez, the chamber's coordinator for minority business development, invited all of the former CSC board members to join the chamber efforts to continue the work.

“It’s important that we can get as much information out about our community as we possibly can. It’s important that we let people know that diversity is welcomed here,” Burns said.
Fine sentiments, those.

Once again, Raymond Burns and the Rogers-Lowell Chamber have set an excellent
example of what a Chamber of Commerce can be and can add to a community. It is a far cry from the Fayetteville Cowbirds which passes resolutions against diversity and human dignity, attempts to dump its business booster programs on the city taxpayers, and only shows up to cut ribbons and claim credit.

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