Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mayor Dan the Travelin' Man

The Fayetteville City Council met this evening for an important agenda session. They talked about the square renovations and no-bid contracts. They learned that December sales tax revenues were $1.6 million, about $8,770 less than last December for a decline of -.54%, while Rogers sales tax collections were up 4.6% for the same period. They heard from staff, but they did not hear from our lame duck Mayor Dan Coody.

Dug Begley of The Morning News looked for an excuse as to why Coody was "Missing in Action." Someone tried to tell him that Coody was in Washington, D.C., allegedly on city business, but neither Director of Operations Gary Dumas nor any council members had any idea what that business was. What was so important that he just blew off the agenda session and answering the Council's questions? Why won't Public Information Manager Susan Thomas Ph.D. tell us where he is and what he is doing on our dime? Surely someone has to approve the Mayor's frequent travel on official business, right?

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