Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adequate Education

To hear Fayetteville School Board members Steve Percival and Susan Heil or former member Jeff Koenig tell it, it is amazing that our students can learn anything at all in our crappy old high school located in central Fayetteville near the Walton Arts Center, the Blair Library, and the University of Arkansas. Surprised they must have pretended to be when 14 Fayetteville seniors were named as National Merit Finalists this week and qualified for $40,000 Chancellor's Scholarships at the University of Arkansas.

Congratulations on the outstanding achievement and high academic honor to Jane Thomason, Christina Ye, Victoria Bryan, Louise Li, Jeanne Vockroch, Bridgette Bailey, Tommy Peng, Guiming Xiao, Steven Hailey, Harsha Malshe, David Zweig, Alex Ivey, Samantha Puckett, Paul St. Clair, and their teachers and parents.

A big shout out to our farm teams as well. Students from the antiquated Woodland Junior High won the state Quiz Bowl competition, and Ramey Junior High nee Hillcrest won First Place in the regional competition, despite being located in a building more than 40 years old. Congratulation are due to Alex D’Alisera-Gordon, Katherine Gea, Miracle Loniak, Nicole McNabb, Ian Pace, Hyrum Richardson, Jonathan Wang, Margaret Schweiger, Guthrie Fredrick, Bryan Glenn, Vasu Suresh-Kumar, Baylor Bestgen, Joel Freeman, Kyle Lawrence, George Paulson, Tyler Steiner, and Emily Webb, as well as their parents and faculty sponsors Larry Driver and Cindy Gray.

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