Friday, February 8, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

We have had seven years of George W. Bush and his constant lies, record trade and budget deficits, all time high gas prices and oil company profits, a failed foreign policy, constant violations of the Constitution at home and abroad, and a war without end. He just hit an all-time low in the polls, down another 4% in a month.It should be a cakewalk for the Democratic Party to elect a filibuster-proof Congress in 2008, but I see no evidence of Arkansas helping make that happen.

Congress has an approval rating of 22%. The best Democrats have been able to come up with for someone to oppose Republican Congressman John Boozman is an unknown guy who has never lived in the district, never been to a central committee meeting, never worked for any local Democrats in any of the counties in the district, and never done anything in politics, at least in this part of Arkansas where he is asking voters to elect him to represent them. He wasn’t even registered to vote in the district until this week, when his name showed up at a Fayetteville address where he has never lived.

David Pritt is a native of Warren in the 4th District, and his family now lives in New York. He is with the National Guard in Iraq, but we are told that he will move to the district sometime soon. I do hope he gets home safely, but if the Department of Defense learns of his political fantasies, he might be coming home with an AR 635-200 discharge.

This whole scam appears to be the brainfart of his lamented brother, Drew Pritt, a former member of Senator Tim Hutchinson's staff, momentary candidate for Congress in Wisconsin, and unconsummated candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas in 2006. Let the Pritt brothers waste their time somewhere else if they wish, but don't waste our time. This is a choice between a lackey and a loser, and we've had that too often.

This is the best the Democratic Party of Arkansas can offer? Probably so. Will Dan Ivy step forward and run again as a write-in? Will the Green Party offer up someone I can vote for? This sucks.

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