Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Clinton Waxes Huckabee

Although not on the same ballot, Hillary Clinton led Mike Huckabee in Washington County voting yesterday by a decisive blowout of 12,028 - 8,724. She got more votes here than Huckabee and McCain combined. Even if you throw Benton County into the mix to give the Huckster some help, Clinton led the two-county contest with the preacher politician by 20,434 - 18, 887. She took the 3rd Congressional District by 44,295 - 38,394 over Huckabee.

I have no idea what this means in any real sense, but I'm sure the political scientists among us will offer up some analysis soon, fascinated as they are and so sure that only numbers can tell the story. Those of us just climbing down from the turnip truck will look forward to understanding the significance of factoids such as (1) Washington County giving Clinton her second highest vote total of any county in the state, (2) Obama beating McCain 5,019 -3,152 in Washington County, (3) Hillary beating Huckabee in Sebastian County by 7,024 - 5,858, and (4) how the Greens polled only 66 votes in funky Washington County compared with 63 in staid Benton County.

Make up your own weird questions for them by taking a gander at the county by county results here.

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