Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Road by Any Other Name . . .

Remember all the whining and bitching by Jim Burnett, Wal-Mart, and the business community when the Fayetteville City Council stepped up and named a major east-west road Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard? How Valerie Biendara blogged that she refused and would continue to call the road Sixth Street? Some said King should not be honored by renaming the road, and others said renaming the road would not honor King. How Mayor Coody said the "honorary" designation was enough. Lots of excuses, expressed and implied, but in the end the proponents prevailed. They shared the dream.

There was no hesitation when Bentonville proclaimed
Walton Boulevard, and Springdale officials have no problem slapping Don Tyson Parkway on a new east-west boulevard and consequently renaming another street in honor of former Fire Chief David Hinds. Last night the Springdale Planning Commission recommended that the City Council honor and enshrine the contributions of Don Tyson, son of the Tyson Foods Inc. founder, who took over as president in 1967 when annual sales were only $52 million and took the company to $3.9 billion in sales when he retired in 1991. He had a dream, too.

Some poor guy named
Ron England suggested naming the corridor Citizens Parkway, since "the citizens have made the most sacrifices to build it." You know how far that suggestion got in Springdale.

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