Saturday, May 3, 2008

Public Gets Chance to Meet Abernathy

Today is your chance to meet Dr. Richard Abernathy, the finalist for Superintendent of the Fayetteville School District, at an open event from 2-4 at the Walton Arts Center McBride Studio. He spent Friday in scheduled meetings restricted to school employees, parent groups, and the Cowbirds, then he dined with some school board members at the Fayetteville Country Club.

During yesterday's meeting with
representatives of the President’s Council for school parent/teacher organizations, there was vocal and near-unanimous expression that the next Superintendent needed to have strong communication and consensus-building skills. That would be nice for a change, which cannot come too soon but won't happen until Bobby New finally retires in June 2009.

The Fayetteville School Board has scheduled a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday to consider the next steps in the interview process with Abernathy. They might pop the question and make an offer. The parts when they are not in secret executive session that excludes the public will be carried on Fayar.TV, Channel 14 on Cox.

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