Monday, May 19, 2008

Citizen Quote of the Day

"Northwest Arkansas is an affluent area; we are blessed with wealth, prosperity, jobs and many amenities lacking in other parts of the state. Unfortunately, we forget that there are many people in our area who need help. Sometimes, it's difficult to be poor, sick, disabled, old or just 'down on your luck' in an affluent area. The less fortunate become the forgotten minority....

There are many generous people in Fayetteville who contribute their time and money. Furthermore, the Fayetteville Senior Center is an excellent facility offering a variety of activities including meals, entertainment, painting classes, dances, etc. for the elderly. The bottom line is that having elderly people in Fayetteville who cannot afford their meals being put on a waiting list because of lack of funding is not acceptable. ...

Fayetteville is a community that cares for all groups of people from the youngest of children to the oldest of citizens. Let's make sure all citizens can have a hot meal."

--Connie Crisp, "The Forgotten Minority," Letter to the Northwest Arkansas Times

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