Sunday, May 4, 2008

Get a Second Opinion

Mark Hovind of Las Vegas is president of, an economic consulting and employment firm, all of whose "clients make north of $100k. They have an average income of $300k, 15% are north of $1 million, and one-third are Presidents and CEOs." He says that Northwest Arkansas is "recession proof" or, at least "recession resistant." He reached this conclusion by using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile a list of metropolitan areas where jobs outpaced the labor force during the George H. W. Bush recessions of 1990 and 1991 and in the George W. Bush recession of the past year, and he designated those areas "recession-proof." Employment opportunities abound, and retail spending is strong around here, we hear.

The local pawn shop industry is one that isn’t being hurt by the current recession. Clint Gober, manager of Mountain Man Supplies and Pawn on South School where the average pawn is $64, said he’s seeing more people bringing their belongings through the door and saying they need extra cash to fill their gas tanks or buy food for their children. “We’re not dealing with people that need home loans or vehicle loans or anything like that. These are people that just need some money to get by until their paychecks come in,” he said.

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