Sunday, May 25, 2008

Junket John Votes for Foreign Corporations

Congressman John Boozman left town this weekend for a 10-day taxpayer-funded trip to Germany and Turkey with his wife, Cathy. "We can tell you more about the trip when he gets back," said Boozman spokeswoman Sara Lasure. It is supposed to be official business. Boozman is ranked No. 95 in the Golf Digest’s Top 200 most powerful golfers in Washington.

Before leaving the Capitol this weekend, John Boozman voted against HR 6049, the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act. Even though our Third District Republican Representative cast our vote against the measure, it passed 263-160. The three Democratic Congressmen from Arkansas -- Marion Berry, Mike Ross, and Vic Snyder -- thought it would help their constituents, and they voted for it.

Here are some of the legislative provisions in the bill that John Boozman voted against on your behalf: (1) delaying a tax break for multinational corporations operating overseas; (2) closing a loophole allowing hedge fund managers and others working for offshore corporations to defer taxes; (3) extending deductions for the out-of-pocket classroom expenses of school teachers; (4) providing new tax relief by expanding the child tax credit available to lower income families; (5) renewing a deduction for tuition and other education costs that would benefit 4.5 million families; (6) creating tax incentives for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, carbon capture and sequestration projects, plug-in cars and technology for green buildings; (7) extending current income tax deductions for state and local sales taxes you pay; and (8) creating a new category of tax credit bonds to finance state and local government initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When John Boozman and his wife get back from their 10-day foreign junket, send him a note thanking him for casting your vote for tax breaks for multinational corporations, against tax deductions for middle class working families, and against supporting renewable energy alternatives.

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