Saturday, May 3, 2008

Doug Thompson on Our Town

Doug Thompson has another good column today in The Morning News. It is mostly about Steve Clark, why a convicted felon would want to undergo a public reprise of his crimes, and how a candidate's past is always legitimate news. Along the way he offers opinions on the other candidates and a wonderful assessment of Our Town.

Mr. Thompson mused, "I also live in the only town in Arkansas besides Eureka Springs that could ever conceivably have a convicted felon and somebody named Adam Fire Cat running for mayor. I like that. I'm very glad Jordan and Walt Eilers are in the race, but I still like that."

"This column isn't an endorsement," Thompson said as a preface before admitting, "I'd vote for Lioneld Jordan if the election were today. I'm also disappointed that Jeff Koenig dropped out. I am, however, going to listen to what Clark has to say."

We should all be listening to all the candidates. Even a blind hog is right twice a day, and a broken clock can find an acorn now and then.

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